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The Process Behind Good Illustration (Part 3)

In Part II I started a list of some personal process-oriented thoughts on illustration—more specifically about some ways to help broaden the creative process and

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Make a Freelance Design Contract

In this industry, it seems like it’s very easy to get taken advantage of.  As a graphic designer, our work is always out there for

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Design Agency VS Freelance Life

As a designer, I often get asked what is better, freelancing or working at a design agency? To be honest, there is no correct answer

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10 Ways To Beef Up Your Website’s Security

Hacker attacks across the web are getting more sophisticated every day – after all, they have to. With the increased sophistication of anti-virus protection, firewalls,

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Understanding inspiration

“Inspiration is everywhere.” You’ve heard it quoted at least once in your lifetime, but what do they actually mean by it? The “where do you get