Remarkable Graphic Design Case Studies Collection

Case studies are excellent for showing how we bring smart solutions to everyday marketing problems for our clients. In this post we’ll point you towards 20 Remarkable Graphic Design Case Studies and you will be able to take an inside look step by step on how this amazing works was done. Enjoy!

Thicker-Than-Matter by Adam Spizak

Back to Space Case Study by Patrick Monkel

Rites of Water by Wojciech Pijecki

Case Study “Soldiers of Peace” by Younes

Discovery Channel – Deadliest Catch by Ars Thanea

Unity by Jonathan Wong

The Making of Snow Plow by Filtre Studio

Chameleon by Martijn van Dam

Feel It All Around by David Waters and Stasia Burrington

Impressive Case Studies by Adam Spizak

She Dragon Photo Illustration Case Study by Adomas Jazdauskas

Hard Candy Case Study by Adam Spizak

Anatomy Vol.1 Case Study by Christoph Ruprecht

NZ Opera Video Study by Alexia Sinclair’s

Pin-Up 3000 by Adam Spizak

Porsche Cayenne S by Adomas Jazdauskas

Diesel – Only The Brave by Ars Thanea

Lost With In by Richard Roberts

Wrigley’s – 5 gum by Ars Thanea

Gone with the wind by Olly Howe