Innovative products and concepts by Relogik

We found several innovative and very clever designed products made by Relogik. was created in 2009 as a showcase of Damjan Stanković, designer specialized in industrial, identity, interface and concept design. Damjan is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia. Don’t forget to visit to check out further pieces. Enjoy! 🙂

Letout Outlet > Wall electric socket. x5.

Keep your electric outlets organized and safe while removing unnecessary clutter. Never have to search for an outlet multiplier again. Keep it simple, with only one push.… more By pressing the top of the outlet you release the rest of it’s body and the remaining outlets that were hidden inside the wall. Push back when you don’t need additional outlets.

Eko – Ecological & economical traffic light concept

Eko light is a simple yet, highly practical concept for traffic lights that not only helps preserve the environment by reducing pollution but promotes safer driving as … morewell. Eko can be easily installed onto existing traffic light systems without much effort while significantly improving overall traffic dynamics.

There are many benefits of the Eko light, the main ones being:

Less pollution. Drivers can turn their engines off and cut carbon emissions while waiting for the green light.

Less fuel consumption Turning off your vehicle while waiting on the traffic light can lower fuel consumption in the long run.

Less stress Since you know exactly how long you have to wait you can sit back and clear your head for a while. No need to keep your foot on the gas. Relax.

Safer driving- With the Eko light both drivers and pedestrians can be fully aware of how much time they have left before the light changes and that way reduce the chance for potential traffic accidents.

Dose & Serve – Spaghetti server with doser

The pasta server is made out of one piece of elastic plastic and has a double purpose. In addition to being a pasta server it is also a handy cooking tool. When cooking … morespaghetti, it’s easy to end up with the wrong amount, we tend to measure by eye and often make mistakes. With the spaghetti server and doser things become simple as it can help you measure out just enough pasta for you and family or friends…

Pull the spaghetti out of the package, to almost half the length. Place them between the handles as close to the corner as possible and press gently, allowing the pasta to spread across the ridges.

Release you grip a little and pull out the desired number of portions. Each individual group represents a single person portion. Release the handle and let the rest of spaghetti slide back into the pack.

What makes the Pasta doser different from other of it’s kind is that the measuring process is done on the fly, without the need to separate portions by hand. This not only makes portioning easier by removing any guess work, but also saves time and prevents us from cooking too much food, that will inevitably go to waste.

USBee – USB flash disk concept

The revolution is made in neck part of the USBee, which is now completely flexible because of its shape and choice of material – silicon. It can move in every direction … moreand it can’ t brake, as it ussually happens. His electronics is protected and it’ s placed inside of the aluminum box, which is covered by silicon, so it’ s fully protected from spilling the coffee, or juice… and from some light impact or just dropping it on the flore by accident.

The silicon on the back part of the USBee has cuts on itself so there’ s no fear from overheating. As far as the ergonomics is concerned, the choice of the silicon as the exterior material is great because it can’t slip from your hand, which is more secured by the cuts on the back part of its surface.

It’s easy weight, flexible, unusual which makes it impossible to lose. You can easily feel it in your pocket and on the other hand, it suits your hand like a glove. You can even hang it on your mobile phone. And, in the end the modern choice of colours is just like a cheery on top!

Chigra – Amusing tea infuser.

Blowing into the cup is part of everybody’s tea ritual, so much so that it is almost instinctive behavior. What if we could, having that in mind, make the ritual more … moreenjoyable and colorful? What if our children could start a healthy tea drinking habit while having fun at the same time?

The chigra infuser is made out of a light, plastic propeller lid and stainless metal body promising years of use. The lid is filled with air which allows it to float while the body is submerged. The propeller lid makes the infuser rotate when you blow into the tea. The container holes are created at an angle which allows for faster blending.

Mark – Night Light Bookmark

Lampmark is a LED powered lamp for night reading. It automatically shuts off when covered with a book while at the same time it serves as a very intuitive bookmark.