Personal Experience to: Dealing with Online Content Theft

(Personal experience of Darren Stevens) Online content theft is, unfortunately, a common incident these days. […] View full post on hongkiat.com

UX Magazine

The Evolved User Experience

In today’s fast-moving business market, a new product can fail as quickly as it was launched if, by the time it reaches the market, it’s

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Can User Experience Designers be Lean?

While UX Designers tend to focus on usability before value, entrepreneurs focus on selling a product. In this post, Sani El-Fishawy asks Designers to marry

UX Magazine

The Business of Better Experience in Financial Services

An interview with Cynthia Kellam of TIAA-CREF about her experience building up UX practice and culture. View full post on UX Magazine

Truly Deeply

Packaging the NYC experience

Justin Gignac, a New York City based artist and entrepreneur, collects rubbish…pieces of New York City’s culture, documenting instances in time as archeologists have done