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Advice for design students and young designers

Excellent advice by @khoi to young designers and students sharing personal insight into what he would have done differently: Enjoy life outside of the office.

UX Booth

Can User Experience Designers be Lean?

While UX Designers tend to focus on usability before value, entrepreneurs focus on selling a product. In this post, Sani El-Fishawy asks Designers to marry

Underworld Magazines

Freelance Designer Showcase: 15 Halloween Creative Designs by Designers – N.9

Tweet Halloween is come pretty fast this year, I wanted to get into the spirit of starting Halloween a little sooner by showing you guys 15

Underworld Magazines

Freelance Designer Showcase:17 Amazing Freelancer Designers – N.6

It’s time to start the week off with 17 Amazing Freelancer Designers featured in this week’s Freelancer Designer Showcase. I started this showcase a couple


Designers Expose Themselves

Ha, It’s not what you are thinking… get your minds out of the gutter.  We all know the type, the designers who don’t want anyone