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4 Things to do Before Your Interview for a Creative Job

Tweet 1. Normal and Creative Resumes – Your resume should catch the eye of the interviewer.  It can be your skills in photoshop, css coding,

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10 Cool and Useful HTML 5 Tutorials

HTML5 is giving web designers new ways to code websites.  We all know HTML5 is not fully supported in major browsers, but over time we

Inspired Magazine

Be Inspired By Your Surroundings

Craig Baldwin writes a helpful column here at Inspired Mag were he organizes and posts the best design inspiration to be found on the web.

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17 Creative Icons to download

Tweet I have not made a post about icons for a long time now the last one was 22 Free and Cool Icons to download

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The Right Tools To Start a Blog (part1)

Tweet Here are tools to help you start your next blog. I wanted to give some of my personal tips with The Right Tools To