Truly Deeply

The Take Away Shows – Guerilla Musical Performances

Every week, The Take Away Shows invite an artist or a band to play in the streets, in a bar, a park, or even in

Truly Deeply

Let Imagination take Over – Creative, Imaginative Brand Commiunication from Play-Doh

So often we find a great brand communication thought that is let down by poor creative execution, or a piece of beautiful brand design that


Take 10 Years Off a Male Portrait Via Photo Retouching

Learn how to use a variety of professional retouching techniques such as various healing brushes, the liquify tool, adjustment layers and more in order to

Inspired Magazine

10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take Over

10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take OverWhile robotics have not advanced as much by the year 2010 as Asimov fiction led some to believe,