UX Booth

Design Lessons from Electronic Music Production

The role of an electronic music producer has many similarities to that of a visual designer. What cues can designers take from this seemingly distant

Inspired Magazine

Lessons In Juggling From Dave Stewart

As creatives, we’re used to juggling multiple projects across multiple platforms: we’re becoming multi-dimensional. My book “Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life” is about celebrating

Truly Deeply

Let Imagination take Over – Creative, Imaginative Brand Commiunication from Play-Doh

So often we find a great brand communication thought that is let down by poor creative execution, or a piece of beautiful brand design that

Smashing Share

25 Amazing CG 3D Characters Artwork From CGSociety

CGSociety, a huge portal of CG (Computer Graphics) Professionals. It is most respected organization for creative digital artists. CGSociety is a great platform where they


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