Top 10 Logo Designs from Top 10 Logo Designers

We want to show you our list of top 10 logo designers, showing the top 10 logos from each portfolio. I invite you to see all logos, comment on them, pick out your favorites, or if you want to tell something nice to these amazing guys share that with us and with them. Enjoy! (listed in no particular order)

1. Logoholik

Bojan Stefanovic aka Logoholik is all about logo design and corporate identity creation living and working in the wonderful city of Belgrade, Serbia. With over 18 years of experience in professional graphic design industry, last ten years been focusing in developing identities with passion, hence Logoholik. And he is feel like he is just started yesterday.

2. Helvetic Brands

Helvetic Brands is a independent creative studio founded by designer David Pache which services clientele locally and globally. Helvetic Brands provides a personal service in a professional way. The key to this is communication. Providing logos, business stationery, web design and client consultation, David works closely with all of his clients to create new branding and rebranding solutions with high attention to detail. This ensures that every client receives a bespoke visual identity that exceeds their expectations.

3. Mabu

mabu is the creative platform of the 22 year old danish passionate graphic designer, Mads Burcharth. Graduated in april 2008 from SDE College, Center of Visual Communications with a major in Digital Media.

4. BrandClay

Brandclay is a graphic design studio based an hour away from Detroit in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in logo creation, individual and corporate branding, stationary development, and web design. Founded by design creative Sean Farrell, Brandclay was formed with one goal in mind: create unique and inspiring designs that are useable for clients. Brandclay’s individualistic approach towards the design process ensures that your project, whether it be personal or corporate, stands out in today’s world where presentation is everything.

5. Siah Design

Siah Design is located near Milk River, Alberta, Canada and serves clientelle locally, nationally and internationally. It is run by creative director Josiah Jost. A freelance web, print and graphic designer in his first working years, Josiah became more and more focused on logo design. He has a passion for branding and identity and won various awards for his work as well as been published in multiple design books. The company based it’s name of Josiah’s nickname, Siah. The Siah Design logo shows a hand with index finger showing direction with the bottom part of the hand being the pencil. The icon suggests giving direction to creativity. The significance of the finger pointing up though for Josiah though is that it is pointing up to God giving Him any credit for his design work. Being a Christian he is very open about his faith.

6. Type08

Alen Pavlovic lives and works in Croatia where he owns a company called Artra for the last 12 years. Artra works with a lot of project areas: from graphic, product and interior design to branding and marketing. He is also doing a lot of freelance work on this huge global market using internet as a wonderful tool for communication and business. Logo design and branding are his great passions.

7. Logomotive

Mike Erickson always starts with a pencil. That’s right, old fashioned lead-to-paper. Since 1998, this award-winning artist has been coming up with fresh ideas to represent individual brands through color, shapes and original typography. Everything he creates can tell you something about the company it’s meant to represent. He calls this “purposeful design, or logo motive.” As a seasoned illustrator and professional typographer, Mike is uniquely qualified to invent distinctive themes. Rather than fall into tech-dependency, he spent the last 12 years sharpening his innate sense for combining custom type with graphical mark. He understands that a logo must be describable, memorable, scalable, and effective – with or without color – to suit different applications and still generate interest. Only after he has narrowed down his concepts does he polish via computer, expertly wrapping his traditional talents in technology.

8. Bartodell

Brand design specialist

9. Ocularink

He has since honed my talents at Belmont University receiving a BA in Design Communications. It was here where he has discovered true passion for logo design and all things branding. During his time at Belmont, started his freelance design company, Ocular Ink. Kevin is an award winning logo designer and has been featured on many design blogs, design inspiration websites, and has been published in several books on logo design.

10. Nido

nido has been designing logos and illustrating for over eleven years now. With clients the world over, he is regarded as the best logo designer in the world… by his mum. A strong believer that the greatest pleasures in life often come from the most simplest of gestures, a hand shake, a warm smile, laughter, and that whichhas been so graciously put on this earth for us. Currently residing in the City of Birmingham UK with his beautiful wife and wonderful little girl. He plans to one day restore peace to the world.