Ways to Increase Your Monthly Income as a Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is a way to work at home and be independent without having to start a business. Freelance work varies greatly. Some projects

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+50 Ways of Visualizing BP’s Dark Mess

It’s been almost three months since the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred, in the Mexican Gulf. Arguably, the most horrifying man-made environmental catastrophe of all times,

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10 Ways To Beef Up Your Website’s Security

Hacker attacks across the web are getting more sophisticated every day – after all, they have to. With the increased sophistication of anti-virus protection, firewalls,


6 Ways to Lose Followers on Twitter

As an avid user and evangelist of twitter, I often come across individuals who are new to the tweeting experience. There are a countless number

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12 Ways To Market Your Brand Better

I felt somewhat hesitant to write this blog post for smashingshare, simply because I am still in the process of rebranding our own brand, often