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7 WordPress Plugins for a more User Friendly Blog

UX enthusiast and new UX Booth contributor Paul Olyslager takes a look at WordPress plugins and shares those he finds more useful to improving blog


How to Make an Interesting User Guide (Hint: Comics)

Pictures and Infographics seems to have taken over the world – we all just love […] View full post on hongkiat.com

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The Evolved User Experience

In today’s fast-moving business market, a new product can fail as quickly as it was launched if, by the time it reaches the market, it’s

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Can User Experience Designers be Lean?

While UX Designers tend to focus on usability before value, entrepreneurs focus on selling a product. In this post, Sani El-Fishawy asks Designers to marry

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iPad vs. iPhone: A User Experience Study

A study of mobile payment interactions on the iPad and iPhone in a real-world setting. Our 2-year-olds can use it. It’s a brilliant entertainment device.