Creative Soup: Designers Workspaces

Is your workspace encouraging your creative process? As a designer, I ask myself this question on a frequent basis. It’s no secret your work environment

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Freelance Designer Showcase: 23 Graphic Designers from around the World – N.5

I know graphic design is a challenging field, but once you make your way, it’s a great job to have. This showcase provides a great

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A Recession Guide For Designers

This is a guest article by Ana Paula Rodrigues*. In difficult times people get creative — and creative people must find new ways to use

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10 Must Have iPad Apps for Designers

With it’s larger screen, multitouch capabilities and ultra-portability, the iPad is an ideal tool for designers, particularly when it comes to working on the go


35 Fresh FreeFonts for Designers and Developers

It’s essential for Designers to have a good understanding of typography and selection as the importance of typography in design can’t be neglected. The proper