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10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take Over

10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take OverWhile robotics have not advanced as much by the year 2010 as Asimov fiction led some to believe,


Mix Collection of 77 Stunning Photographs to Refresh Your Mind

When it comes to inspiration then there is no limitation on resources. Photography is one of the key sources of inspiration for some of my


Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Offline

Promotion of a business is as important as the business itself, there is a huge marketing industry whose business is to advertise and promote different


HTML5: Worth the Hype?

HTML5 has been getting more and more buzz as it is almost ready for launch. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) last month


How to Boost Your Online Portfolio

Portfolio is the reflection of one’s work and skills; any potential employer actually goes through your portfolio and sees your previous designs and work you