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Designer’s block: A Q&A with Trent Walton

Web designer and founder of branding agency Paravel Inc., Trent Walton knows a thing or two about fancy but functional design. While hashing out content […]


Personal Experience to: Dealing with Online Content Theft

(Personal experience of Darren Stevens) Online content theft is, unfortunately, a common incident these days. […] View full post on

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Productivity tips for working at home

This is a guest article by Jennifer Moline* outlining some tips & ideas on how to set your self up for success when working at […]

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Barbecue Logos That Will Make You Hungry

It’s summertime and what is better than a good ole’ barbecue with friends and family?  I know for me growing up, barbecuing was something of […]

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Using Social Tools to Kill the Recession

If you missed the 2nd annual Settimana del Baratto last week, then you may still be in luck for a good barter. It seems that […]

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4 Things to do Before Your Interview for a Creative Job

Tweet 1. Normal and Creative Resumes – Your resume should catch the eye of the interviewer.  It can be your skills in photoshop, css coding, […]

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Why Typography is the Soul of Web Design?

Typography is integral to web design. The various uses of text on the web, from large headlines and bold blocks to small body, indicate the […]

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Fun Toy and Illustration Design by Yum Yum

Yumyum is a London, England based animation, illustration, and design studio. They make super cute toys and really fun animations that are sure to brighten […]

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70+ Brilliant Examples Of Photo Manipulation Art

Throughout history, great designers always found new ways to show their creativity to express themselves and create new trends and techniques to remark their work […]

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Design Lessons from Electronic Music Production

The role of an electronic music producer has many similarities to that of a visual designer. What cues can designers take from this seemingly distant […]

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Star Trek, Phantom of the Opera, Archer Inspiration Illustrations

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