Designer’s block: A Q&A with Trent Walton

Web designer and founder of branding agency Paravel Inc., Trent Walton knows a thing or two about fancy but functional design. While hashing out content choreography and customizable web typography on, he also has fun making sites and apps with quirky personal touches.   The Marble Falls/ Austin, Texas-native notably worked on the Internet […]

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Productivity tips for working at home

This is a guest article by Jennifer Moline* outlining some tips & ideas on how to set your self up for success when working at home.
Set Yourself Up to be Successful
You can set yourself up to be successful by knowing where you are weakest. If you are the weakest in being able to self-motivate […]

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Barbecue Logos That Will Make You Hungry

It’s summertime and what is better than a good ole’ barbecue with friends and family?  I know for me growing up, barbecuing was something of a religion.  My mom would get the grill out at least twice a week.  Now I know what you’re thinking, grilling in Michigan… really?  I mean, it’s not like grilling […]

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